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Day 1: Holding hands .:Pruaus:.
Roderich saw on the couch, looking through his sheet music, appearing to be rather annoyed. "This is supposed to be an Eighth note, not a sixteenth!" he hissed, scribbling on the paper and making some changes. "Who even writes this???"
Exasperated, he threw the paper on the table and fell back against the fluffy pillows behind him. "I can't stay here all day... I have things that need to get done..."
And yet, he couldn't bring himself to get up off his ass and get that work done. It was easy stuff he needed to get done too, mainly a bit of garden work and baking. He still knew he had to get it done. So, reluctantly, he stood and grabbed a pair of gloves, walking outside to get started.
Roderich flung open the door to the garden and slammed it shut, locking it, then quickly did the same with the windows, and every exit but one, which he darted out of, covering his mouth to protect his lungs from any ash in the air.
A loud and rather frighteningly close explosion sounded near
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Caged .:Plot:.
Have you ever wanted something so bad, you would give your entire life up to get it? And when you turn around, everything you knew was gone? And everyone around you is there to trick you?
Even when It’s impossible to lie?
In a world where death eludes as an ending.
In a world where truth is all there is.
It gets…
And if you can break free, everything starts to fall apart…
And all you can do…
Is grieve.
Impossible eludes as truth. The worthless will break, fall, and grieve.
In a post-apocalyptic world, unknown to our own earth, dwells only the most perfect of beings, more Godly than human.
One has been considered this, but is tired of truth and perfection, but when he tries to escape, he is shoved back to where he started.
He takes the name Julius for his own, and
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Canary's Marukaite Chikyuu
Hey, hey Papa!
Give me some Sherry!
Hey Hey Mama!
Hey, Hey Mama!
I can't get the taste,
of that Spätzle I had before,
out of my head!
Draw a circle that's the earth,
Draw a circle that's the earth,
Draw a circle that's the earth!
I am Canary!
Cultivate for the earth,
Harvest for the earth,
Providing for a nation,
of the earth!
I am Canary!
Ah, the world around us,
can be seen with the stroke of a single brush.
With my head in the clouds and the sands,
I am Canary!
Geez... I can't believe how bad that expedition went... Maybe I'll just take a siesta and sleep it off!
Draw a circle that's the earth,
Draw a circle that's the earth,
Draw a circle that's the earth,
I am Canary!
Draw a circle that's the earth!
Could it be? Is that the earth?
I can't believe it! It is the earth!
I am Canary!
A delicious recipe,
bake it once more!
Yes, twice!
The gold has been found again!
I am Canary!
Hey, Hey, Austria-san, Can I have pasta?
By the way, Papi, put it on hot!
Hey hey Hermana!
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A Lullaby To Soothe The Heart
Guten Abend, gute Nacht,
mit Rosen bedacht,
mit Näglein besteckt,
schlupf′ unter die Deck!
Morgen früh, wenn Gott will,
wirst du wieder geweckt.

Chibitalia yawned and rubbed her eyes, blinking softly. She looked up at the windows, which were dark, a moonless night. She walked slowly over to the closet and put her broom away, carefully grabbing the lantern that Austria lit for her every evening, if it got too dark. She heard the usual soothing piano music from the other room, but there was something new. Austria was singing.
Lullaby and good night,
With roses bedlight,
With lilies o'er spread
Is baby's wee bed.
Lay thee down now and rest,
May thy slumber be blessed.

His rich, deep, voice flowed through the room in perfect timing to the music. She peeked her head in and found her spot at her usual stool, listening rather than interrupting him. She yawned again quietly, and waited for him to finish his song, her lantern on the floor next to her.
Austria struc
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Skyrim- Not Alone .:Preview:.
Aliea sits by the fire, polishing her sword. As always, her two friends, Dylan and Asiria, have left her with the first watch. Her armor glowed in the light, and her eyes looked about, ever watchful.
She and her friends were off to find Ulfric Stormcloak. Dylan wasn't sure if he wanted to join him or not. Asiria was just kinda there. Aliea, however, wanted to kill him. She held a running grudge against him. He had started this stupid war, and she wanted to end it. But she didn't want a victory for the Imperials, or the Stormcloaks.
Asiria checked the position of the moon and stood, walking to Dylan's tent to wake him for the next watch, still being slightly watchful, when she heard it.
A loud, trembling, roar.
A dragon.
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Optimistic vs pesimistic
Being optimistic..
Isn't always the best road.
Can be great!
But painful...
It can be the best feeling in the world!!
And can tear you apart.
It can be amazing, putting a smile on other's faces!
But does it ever put one on your own?
I think it's best for me to stay like this...
I see no reason to change my ways, it will only get worse.
Things will get better!
What's the point in trying when it always ends in disaster?
Make the best out of the worst!
Should I give in? What's the point.
Never give up your beliefs! Their worth defending.
Or everything?
Or half full?
How do you choose to see life? In the lights? Or the shadows?
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William (Nyo!Penny?) by Pantherfanfics William (Nyo!Penny?) :iconpantherfanfics:Pantherfanfics 0 0 Penny option 2 by Pantherfanfics Penny option 2 :iconpantherfanfics:Pantherfanfics 1 0 Penny 2 by Pantherfanfics Penny 2 :iconpantherfanfics:Pantherfanfics 1 0 Anna YET AGAIN RE-DESIGNED by Pantherfanfics Anna YET AGAIN RE-DESIGNED :iconpantherfanfics:Pantherfanfics 0 0 Harrison 'Harri' Beilschmidt by Pantherfanfics Harrison 'Harri' Beilschmidt :iconpantherfanfics:Pantherfanfics 1 0
Prussia x Neko!Austria .:Out of the rain:.
I was walking in the rain, in a rather pissy mood, and soaked down to the skin as I had forgotten my umbrella again.
"Gott verdammit this is stupid. I can't believe France and Spain are making me come over. In the rain. I'm going to kill them when I get there." I muttered, still shivering.
I heard a faint sound that caused me to catch my breath and stopped. It sounded like... a cat? Why the hell would a cat be out here??
Slowly and cautiously, I headed towards the sound and peaked around a corner to see a small light-gray and white kitten curled in the corner, shivering and mewing quietly.
I carefully made my way closer, but unfortunately the kitten noticed me and, shaking with fear and cold, slowly stood and backed away from me. I bent down onto my knees and gently clicked my tongue and chanted "kitty kitty kitty" softly to see if I could get his attention.
I was rewarded. The cat stopped backing away, and slowly, still shivering, walked towards me. I continued clicking my tongue and
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Anna RE-DESIGNED by Pantherfanfics Anna RE-DESIGNED :iconpantherfanfics:Pantherfanfics 6 4
Chelley .:Welcome Home:.
Wheatley's POV
I sat criss-cross on the moon, yes; the moon, looking down at the gorgeous shape of earth and the stars surrounding it. Normally I would be asstounded and fascinated by it but now... I was depressed, weak, angry at myself, frustrated... I had gotten so much power and I let it go to my head... Of course I did. I couldn't help it. And now... Now I was getting my punishment. It wasn't being space, oh no. It was having to be away from Chell, not knowing if she was even still ali-
I whipped around, furious. "WILL YOU SHUT UP YOU USELESS HUNK OF METAL?!!!!!!!!!"
Space, as we called him, shut his mouth but I could still hear him muttering about space.
"Good God mate...." I muttered and turned my attention back to earth. I couldn't help it. I stood and jumped, instantly taking into the night sky and slowly making my way closer...
But before I could stop it I was pulled into the earth's atmosphere and began slowly sinking downward until I reached the strat
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Who Done It? .:COVER:. by Pantherfanfics Who Done It? .:COVER:. :iconpantherfanfics:Pantherfanfics 2 29
Who done it? Ch. 2
Please note that there are four people at Elizaveta's house. Elizaveta, Vlad, the murderer, and one other, whom I shall not name for the sake of suspense.

Who and How?
Murderer's POV
I was laughing along with Romania and Hungary as always, but I knew I wouldn't have much time to make my move. I had to work fast or all hope will be lost.
"Uhm, Vlad, could you go into the other room and get my bag?"
"Sure!" Romania stood up and walked off.
"Oh, that reminds me, I need to go grab something upstairs!" Hungary jumped up and darted off.
Perfect... I though, Now Elizaveta's out of the way and I can take care of this!

I waited until Hungary had gone all the way upstairs, before I darted over to the main power grid in the kitchen, and flipped the switch to turn off the main power grid.
Grabbing my knife from my sheath I threw my hood up and darted into the sitting room where I heard Romania moving ar
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Just the most recent art from me.


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Temporarally back from Hiatus and starting the Thirty Day OTP challenge!!

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It's good to be back.


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